Nadja Wacnang

Nadja graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from University of the Cordilleras in 2010 and finished a Professional Education Course from Benguet State University in 2020.

She worked as a Customer Service Representative for three years followed by her work experience with AT&T as a technical account specialist where her tasks included: responding to customer queries about AT&T, troubleshooting, services, equipment, promotions, roaming and billings. She also had exposure handling Hawaiian Airlines customers and her tasks mainly involved: issuing of airline tickets, checking if the requested dates of flight are available and then reserving seats and preparing itineraries accordingly, assisting with check-ins, processing luggage, facilitating boarding, providing information about the rules of the airline, taking care of the points of passengers through careful documentation and looking for flights where those points can be used, and answering complaints in the Customer Complaints Department of the Airline.

She has had seven years of experience teaching English as a second language to foreign students including: to the Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese, Taiwanese, Chinese, Arabs and Mongolians. Her strengths include multi-tasking, communication, analysis, and documentation. In her free time, she always reads books and writes essays. She is also fond of hiking, helping out in the community, and hanging out with friends in coffee shops. Nadja also finds photography and music really interesting, watching movies and tv shows are also extremely entertaining for her.

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